Privilege Guard 3.6 released

Avecto released Privilege Guard 3.6, which introduces a number of new features, including a challenge/response capability to easily authorize applications for remote users and an application control capability based on download source. This released is compatible with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system and provides enterprise control over apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

New features:

  • Challenge/Response Authorisation For Secure User Flexibility – Provides remote application authorisation via secure, 8-digit challenge/response codes that enable one-off, session-based or permanent elevation of individual applications.
  • Enterprise Control of Windows 8 Store Apps – Whitelisting, blacklisting and full auditing of apps that are installed or downloaded from the Windows Store, ensures corporate-approved, controlled user access to apps on Windows 8 desktops, laptops and tablets.
  • Elevation of Apps Based on Download Source – Provides tracking and control of software and applications, based on their download source, enabling intelligent whitelisting, blacklisting and elevation of applications.
  • New Enterprise Reporting – Offers the broadest range of dashboards and reports on applications, processes, users, endpoints and policies with summaries and the ability to drilldown to granular specifics. Delivers reports in a refreshed, easy-to-read and intuitive style.
  • Privilege Guard Activity Viewer for Advanced Insight – New diagnostics and troubleshooting tool built on Windows Management Information (WMI) provides analysis of executed applications and applied policies for any managed endpoint.
  • Privileged Account Management to Prevent Rogue Accounts – Provides protection against tampering and the creation of rogue privileged accounts via a new policy setting.
  • Full Templates and Event Import Wizard for Simplified Policy Creation – Streamlines policy creation for standalone evaluations through to advanced policies for enterprise rollouts via a wide variety of templates. Plus, the all-new Event Import Wizard – integrated directly into the management console – provides a unified workflow that allows audit events to be directly used in the creation and refinement of policies.

“Enterprises are faced with unparalleled challenges and opportunities, if you consider how new operating systems, in particular Windows 8, can transform an enterprise’s environment and user-driven movements, such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD),” said Mark Austin, co-founder and CTO of Avecto. “This rapid speed of change, coupled with a convergence of technologies, puts tremendous pressure on the enterprise to empower users with the flexibility they need to perform their jobs, without compromising network security. At Avecto, it’s our mission to help the enterprise navigate through these market dynamics and ultimately strike the elusive balance between productivity and security. Privilege Guard 3.6 does this by taking privilege management to new heights, enabling far greater visibility and control over corporate desktops and tablets.”


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