Live cyber risk intelligence for enterprise security

NorseCorp launched the cloud security service IPViking, which harnesses Big Data analytics of live Internet traffic to deliver contextually-aware and actionable cyber risk intelligence.

In recent years the security landscape has changed dramatically. Companies are now spending more money on security solutions than ever, while breaches and data losses continue to rise. Meanwhile the total cost of these breaches has also increased.

A recent study of U.S. companies sponsored by Hewlett Packard and conducted by the Ponemon Institute indicates that the cost and frequency of cybercrime have both continued to rise for the third straight year, with the occurrence of cyber attacks more than doubling over a three-year period and the financial impact increasing by nearly 40 percent.

The study also revealed a 42 percent increase in the number of cyber attacks, with organizations experiencing an average of 102 successful attacks per week, compared to 72 attacks per week in 2011 and 50 attacks per week in 2010.

“Today’s security solutions lack the dedicated computing power to process the massive volume of cyber threats, something that hackers have exploited for years,” said Tommy Stiansen, CTO at Norse. “Norse developed a unique system combined of global infrastructure hardware and powerful proprietary software to acquire live threat data, delivering to customers in milliseconds as actionable intelligence. Because of Big Data tools, GPU computational clusters and IPViking, companies can secure their infrastructure, network transactions and applications more effectively than ever.”


True big data analytics – The ability to continuously collect and analyze vast amounts of live Internet traffic and turn it into actionable insight and cyber risk intelligence supported by over 1,500 criterion

Internet-scaled global infrastructure – A purpose-built ultra fast private cloud infrastructure that delivers intelligence to businesses in milliseconds before a potential network connection can become an attack, massively scalable to meet the demands of enterprises, datacenters, managed security providers, public and private cloud providers, and ISPs.

RESTful and JSON APIs – IPViking enables enterprises and developers to easily add live context-aware and adaptive security intelligence to any website, app, or device via flexible APIs that support virtually all programming languages.

As networking and security evolve toward new software defined architectures, IPViking gives enterprises and networking vendors the ability and flexibility to make intelligent risk weighted decisions and policy enforcement at the hardware, software, virtual machine, and cloud level via integration through new emerging standards such as OpenFlow.

“While security solution providers have developed increasingly complex solutions to help companies defend against today’s attacks and breaches, they’ve never been more vulnerable, said Sam Glines, Norse CEO. “The massive increase in the possible attack vectors resulting from the broadening of the online corporate footprint and the increasing costs of managing today’s complex security solution stack have placed unprecedented demands on CISOs and IT security staff. IPViking’s adaptive defense capabilities mitigate risks caused by today’s highly sophisticated attacks, as well as vacant or unenforced policies unpatched servers and software, and human error by providing millisecond awareness of harmful inbound traffic that today’s reactive security solutions miss.”

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