All-terrain, military-grade next generation firewall

Stonesoft announced its MIL-320 Next Generation Firewall/VPN appliance that provides military-grade network security in a rugged go-anywhere unit.

The MIL-320 appliance packs AET-resistant, high-performance network security into a tough and compact form, certified for high-performance operations in extreme temperatures, wet, mud and dust. Each unit is small, heavy duty, resistant to bumps and shocks, and available in black or military green. The MIL-320 is highly portable, quick to configure, and ready for planned or rapid deployments.

Secure communication with MIL-certified battlefield readiness

Armed forces have a particular, life-saving need for the rapid mass deployment of security appliances in hostile conditions. Modern military operations increasingly demand secure networks for the command, control and administration of deployed forces.

Signals and network defense specialists in the modern military are required to facilitate distributed operations with robust, secure, high-performance networks that enable situational awareness, reliable communications, and even collaborative working and office tools in the field.

MIL-320 offers protection against sophisticated attacks and includes a WLAN and ad-hoc mesh network support for resilient, strongly encrypted local communication links and data transfer between deployed units. The solution also provides features like the capability for using custom encryption ciphers from a connected USB stick.

Securing critical networks can save lives

Industrial digital networks, especially those of utilities, like power generation and water supply, or transport infrastructure, are vital to our way of life. Securing these critical networks in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks can save lives.

With the Stonesoft MIL-320, robust military-grade cyber security is possible – and easy to configure and manage – even in the most hostile environments, where freezing temperatures, sand or moisture renders lesser appliances useless. In storm force conditions on the dockside, at temporary border crossings, in law enforcement, remote depots, major events, underground rail links, on land and sea, intelligent network security is vital to protect the data flow, safety and wellbeing of businesses and societies.

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