PowerDNS 3.2 expands DNSSEC support

The PowerDNS Authoritative Server enables authoritative DNS service from all major databases, including but not limited to:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • LDAP
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ODBC driver
  • Geographical Information System.

Additionally, The PowerDNS Authoritative Server can read files from industry standard ‘BIND’ configuration and zone files.

When operating from industry standard ‘BIND’ configuration and zone files, PowerDNS loads its configuration data at unprecedented speeds, sometimes exceeding the industry standard by a factor of 30.

Version 3.2 is a stability and conformity update to 3.1. It mostly makes the DNSSEC implementation more robust, and improves interoperability with various validators.

The new version has received very extensive testing on a lot of edge cases, verifying output both against common validators and compared against other authoritative servers.

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