Tips for securely using free Tube Wi-Fi

GFI Software warned of potential data and device security concerns posed by using London’s public Wi-Fi service, installed across large parts of the London Underground Tube network.

Here are key tips for using free Tube Wi-Fi:

  • As a public Wi-Fi network with no service level guarantees or assured security measures in place, it is imperative that users approach using it with caution. Do not access sensitive services via open public Wi-Fi such as online banking, ePayment services or any sites that store payment information in case login details are compromised or devices are hacked while logged in.
  • Using open Wi-Fi services from a conventional PC without a firewall and up-to-date antivirus software in place is extremely dangerous if the hotspot becomes compromised. Always ensure firewalls are on and set to their most secure level, and ensure your antivirus is running the latest definition file.
  • The use of secure VPN connections back to a corporate network provide an encrypted tunnelled connection over which data can pass, protecting it from nearby opportunistic hackers running Packet Sniffing applications.
  • Using endpoint security software back at the office will prevent users with mobile devices from introducing malware and other unauthorised software into the workplace, as well as allowing organisations to quarantine mobile devices when connecting from untrusted networks, protecting core services such as servers.
  • Keep mobile devices concealed on public transport, and avoid using them openly late at night or when platforms are not inhabited. Always sit or stand in close proximity to a CCTV camera or Staff Assistance Call Point when using your device on the Tube for added safety.
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