Dutch DigiD e-signature system under DDoS attack

DigiD, the identity management platform that allows Dutch citizens to digitally sign bills, pay taxes, and more, has been unavailable since Tuesday evening due to a DDoS attack, Biz Community reports.

Over 10 million Dutch citizens that use the system daily have been unable to access it, and what’s worse, are now a potential target for phishing emails impersonating the government, asking for personal information.

When a number of Dutch banks and the Dutch airline KLM have been hit with DDoS attacks last week, their customers have been targeted with malicious emails purportedly coming from those institutions and businesses.

The good news is that, according to a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Interior, the system and the DigiD users’ personal details have not been compromised.

The attack is being investigated by the police, but there are still no clues as to who might be behind it.

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