Splunk Enterprise 6 released

Splunk announced Splunk Enterprise 6, which delivers analytics, up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions, and patent-pending technology designed to unlock the value of machine data.

Splunk Enterprise 6 introduces three innovations that make analytics dramatically faster and easier for existing users. These breakthroughs also open up the value of gaining insights from machine data to an entirely new audience of business users:

  • Pivot opens up the power of analytics to non-technical business users and analysts with a simple drag-and-drop interface to explore, manipulate and visualize data. This includes the ability to click and drag pre-built visualizations and quickly build complex queries and reports without learning a query language.
  • Data Models provide for a more meaningful representation of underlying machine data and a deeper understanding of relationships in the data, making this data more useful to a broader base of users.
  • High Performance Analytics Store is a patent-pending transparent acceleration technology that delivers analytics performance up to 1,000 times faster than any previous version of Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk Enterprise 6 includes productivity features for users with a completely redesigned user experience that delivers more intuitive actions. The new home experience is easy to personalize and gives users instant access to the data, apps and content they care about.

An enhanced search experience brings search and reporting together so users can author rich, dynamic reports and build visualizations, tables and custom searches faster than ever before.

Splunk Enterprise 6 is easier to deploy, configure and manage, even as customers scale out their mission-critical Splunk Enterprise deployments. It also adds a more powerful developer environment with an integrated web framework:

  • Simplified Cluster Management delivers easier management of mission-critical Splunk software deployments by monitoring high availability, automating search workloads and making it easier to deploy apps. Everything the Splunk admin needs to know can be monitored on a centralized dashboard.
  • Forwarder Management supports big data scale with easy configuration and visual management of thousands of forwarder configurations across multiple geographies.
  • Enhanced Dashboard Editing lets users build interactive dashboards and user workflows without writing advanced code and enables one-click access to develop in the Splunk web framework.
  • The Integrated Web Framework enables developers to quickly and efficiently build custom Splunk apps, customize dashboards or add advanced functionality using standard web technologies such as JavaScript and Django.
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