Arbor Networks improves its network intelligence solution

Arbor Networks announced scalability and performance improvements to Peakflow SP. Many of the world’s leading service providers and largest enterprise network operators rely on Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform to proactively help fend off advanced threats such as botnets and volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks, thereby strengthening the availability and quality of their services.

Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform includes two main components, Peakflow SP and the Threat Management System (TMS). Peakflow SP combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with TMS’s carrier-class threat management that automatically detects and removes only attack traffic while maintaining other business traffic.

New features and benefits of the Peakflow SP 6.0:Flexible licensing and virtual deployments

  • Independent platform and software licenses, support for virtual machines.
  • Lower capex cost, less expensive purchase and expansions, less minimal hardware required.
  • Faster deployments and upgrades and lower total cost of ownership.

Scalability and performance improvements

  • 5X increase in the number of routers supported per Arbor flow collector and per Peakflow SP deployment, enabling customers to expand to customer edges of their network.
  • 3X increase in NetFlow collection (Flows Per Second), enabling greater visibility and threat detection.
  • 2X increase in number of managed objects, enabling customers to manage more customers per deployment.
  • 5X increase in number of users, increases reach of managed DDoS Protection services.

Attack mitigation improvements

  • A new TMS 2300 which is software upgradeable from 1Gbps to 10Gbps of mitigation capacity.
  • New attack counter measures and enhanced Cloud Signaling functionality “cloud signaling.”
  • Up to 4 TB of total mitigation capacity per deployment.


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