Real-time operational risk and compliance monitoring

Corvil announced a real-time general purpose risk and compliance monitoring solution for all kinds of electronic trading businesses.

The solution monitors and captures all information as it is being transmitted on the network wire with zero impact on the performance of the trading systems and no changes required in existing software. By using network wire data, it is able to independently observe 100% of all activity into, within and out from a customer’s firm. It can watch orders placed and aggregate fills received, including those that are unexpected and unauthorized.

Corvil continuously analyzes wire data, detects trading events and also monitors system health in real time. Supervisors are made aware of anomalies, threats and faults within seconds. Corvil alerts can be fed directly to automated processes, which can enforce position limits, message-rate caps, kill switches or load balancing.

A typical CorvilNet deployment can capture millions of trading-related messages per second, from wire taps, aggregation switches, or even software logs, and then decode, correlate, analyze and alert in real-time. Data can be stored for historical analysis and can be exported to external systems using many industry standard interfaces.

The latest release of CorvilNet introduces a number of new capabilities including live updating screens showing exactly what is happening right now across your whole trading system. Through the use of CorvilLens, a fully integrated real-time network, application and business-specific view is provided in a single screen. New alerts based on user-defined events can be used to restrict trading or alert personnel to financially threatening events. Autodiscovery capabilities and configurable reporting windows ease integration and ongoing operations.

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