Secure remote access trends

HOB announced the results of a new survey which quantifies the trends and pain points CTO’s and CIO’s in the United States experience when utilizing remote access and how they find information about remote access solutions.

Remote access is a solution that allows convenient and highly secure access to centrally stored enterprise data and resources from a remote location. Remote access decreases administrative costs, increases productivity and enhances IT security.

When asked how many employees they anticipate will require remote access over the next 12 months, a large number of CTO’s and CIO’s predict significant increases in the demand for remote access. This includes 38 percent of respondents anticipating a 25 percent increase in demand with an additional 27 percent expecting demand to grow up to 50 percent.

Furthermore, the survey shows that after several years of financial belt tightening, senior management is ready to increase funding for IT budgets. 46 percent of respondents anticipate their budgets rising up to 25 percent, while an additional 31 percent expect their budgets to go up by more than 25 percent.

In terms of the most troubling remote access security issues for CTO’s and CIO’s, they are concerned with “hackers gaining access to the network during employee remote access sessions,” (66 percent), “employees accessing the network through their personal devices,” (57 percent) and “errors by the IT team leaving the network open for intrusions” (50 percent).

Additional key survey findings include:

  • 32 percent of respondents have 101-500 employees in their organization that require remote access
  • 59 percent of respondents learn about new remote access solutions by reading publications that cover network computing and security.

“Remote access is gaining significant momentum in today’s mobile and cloud-based global workforce. Ensuring IT security is a critical requirement for business functionality,” said Klaus Brandst?¤tter, CEO of HOB.

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