GFI Cloud gets enhanced performance monitoring

GFI Software has enhanced the network performance monitoring capabilities and other features of GFI Cloud, the company’s IT platform for SMBs that enables IT administrators to easily manage and secure servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices from a single, intuitive, Web-based user interface.

Today’s SMB IT administrator bears many responsibilities in order to support their network and end users. Perhaps most critical is maintaining network uptime and service delivery. With this in mind, GFI Cloud now gives administrators deeper visibility into the performance of servers and workstations by monitoring CPU utilization, memory and disk performance. This enables them to pinpoint and address network performance issues before they can impact productivity.

Other new features include more powerful reporting tools that allow organizations to keep a close inventory of all software assets and monitor the effectiveness of web-usage policies. Administrators will receive reports alerting them when web-usage policies have been violated by end-users.

Powered by GFI LanGuard 2014, GFI Cloud’s automated patch management capabilities now support more then 20 additional third-party patches, including products from Adobe.

In addition to all Microsoft patches and now more than 50 third-party applications, GFI Cloud supports the 12 most vulnerable applications in 2013.

GFI Cloud services provide SMBs with advanced antivirus and anti-malware protection, patch management, Web protection, network monitoring and service assurance, and asset and inventory management. These services give administrators the ability to monitor the health and stability of their networks and optimise server and workstation configurations to improve performance.

Any or all of these services may be deployed in a flexible and scalable manner that best suits the unique business needs of SMBs. It also easily integrates with the remote access system TeamViewer. When TeamViewer is detected on a computer, GFI Cloud automatically allows one-click access to that computer, allowing the IT administrator to address problems early and resolve them quickly.

GFI Cloud services, such as Web Protection, Antivirus and Patch Management, are each priced as low as £12 per computer, per year. Multi-year and service bundle discounts apply. All subscriptions come with GFI’s globally recognised customer service support, available 24/7, and software maintenance.

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