Tenable adds cloud management and multi-scanner support to Nessus

Tenable Network Security announced powerful cloud management capabilities will be delivered to Nessus users in a March 3rd update.

Departments, teams and remote locations will have, as part of their subscription, the ability to control internal and external scanners from a primary scanner. Nessus customers with Nessus Perimeter Service will be able to do so through the cloud.

Tenable is also introducing a new simplified view of scan findings, affected hosts, and compliance status with one-click drill-down for details.

Many organizations have multiple scanners for different segments of their networks and geographical locations. Managing multiple vulnerability scanners, scheduling scans, and processing results can be a challenge for organizations with a single person or small team responsible for vulnerability and compliance scanning.

Key new features in Nessus include:

  • Cloud management portal—Nessus Perimeter Service can now be used as a primary scanner and will be able to control multiple secondary Nessus scanners (internal Nessus scanners or Nessus Amazon Machine Images) regardless of location. At no extra charge, Perimeter Service customers may also submit up to two external scans per calendar quarter for Tenable PCI ASV validation.
  • Multi-scanner support—Users can control multiple secondary Nessus scanners (internal Nessus scanners or Nessus Amazon Machine Images) and view scan results from a primary Nessus scanner on premise.
  • Simplified scan results view—Scan output is now organized by findings followed by a list of affected hosts. With one click, users can quickly drill down on host details for that vulnerability. Compliance results show passed/failed/skipped status, affected hosts, and the reason for the status.

“The new features in Nessus build on a year of important configuration, post-scan analysis, and usability improvements,” said Renaud Deraison, chief research officer at Tenable and the inventor of Nessus technology. “Now teams, departments and organizations can maximize security to match their needs and available resources — whether through Tenable’s enterprise platform SecurityCenter or through these new Nessus features.”

The new Nessus features will be available on March 3, 2014, at no additional charge to Nessus and Nessus Perimeter Service customers.

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