Gameover ZeuS now targets users of employment websites

Some newer variants of the Gameover Zeus Trojan, which is exceptionally good at using complex web injections to perform Man-in-the-Browser (MITB) attacks and gain additional information about the victims to be used for bypassing multi-factor authentication mechanisms and effecting social engineering attacks, has been spotted targeting users of popular employment websites.

They initially focused on (largest employment website in the US), but now also on (one of the largest in the world).

The fake login page victims are served with looks virtually identical to the legitimate one, but the next one is web form injected by the malware:

There are 18 different questions to choose from, and they range from the name of the city where your sibling lives/you got your first job/you met your spouse, to the name of your school(s)/friend/work supervisor and significant dates and numbers in your life.

F-Secure researchers warn HR recruiters with website accounts to be on the lookout for any such irregularities.

“If the account is potentially tied to a bank account and a spending budget -¦ it’s a target for banking trojans,” they point out.

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