Rolling Stones, One Direction fans scammed with fake free ticket offers

Rolling Stones and One Direction fans are being actively targeted by unscrupulous scammers, who encourage them to share a bogus offer of a free ticket to one of the band’s concerts.

The bait appears on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in form of the aforementioned offer shared or tweeted by users who have already fallen for the scam.

“Get a free ticket and see the Rolling Stones live in your country!”, proclaims the message, and takes users to the legitimate-looking domain. The scammers created a convincing webpage by stealing graphics from the band’s official site (click on the screenshot to enlarge it):

The bogus site explains that they can get the free ticket if they get 10 of their friends to click on the offer, that it takes 3-5 business days to process the “lucky” winner’s information, and that they can contact for more information (needless to say, this email address is non-existent).

One Directions fans are targeted with the same scam, the only difference is that they must collect “at least 15 clicks” with the link code provided by the scammers (click on the screenshot to enlarge it):

Again, the site and the domain name look legitimate.

Unfortunately for those who fall for the scam – currently over 1,200 Facebook users for both scams, and much smaller numbers of Twitter and Google+ users – the offer is fake, and there are no free tickets to be had (not this way, at least).

As always, users are advised to remember that on the Internet, most offers that look too good to be true often aren’t genuine.

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