Free mobile privacy platform unveiled

Boolean Tech announced ShieldMe, a secure and free mobile privacy platform that allows users to connect with other people without ever giving up their phone number.

ShieldMe can be used by websites that focus on classifieds, dating, retail, sales, real estate, investing/stocks, education, law, medicine and more. In addition, ShieldMe offers features which allow users to set preferred contact times on when they can and cannot be reached, which is perfect if you are using a dating site, trying to buy or sell something on Craigslist or eBay, or don’t want your clients calling at off hours.

The platform uses a patent-protected algorithm to pair two individuals uniquely and securely, leaving no chance of intrusion by a third-party. It is 100 percent secure against tapping or hacking and can be added to any site with just a few lines of JavaScript code.

With ShieldMe, websites don’t need to rework their business processes as the platform integrates as a simple add on. It shields websites from counting minutes of incoming calls and out-going calls doing away with the need for a billing and reconciliation platform, offering a fixed fee for unlimited talk time and unlimited connections. In addition, website owners don’t have to worry about inter-operability as ShieldMe works with every phone, on any network (2G/3G/4G) and is completely untraceable.

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