ISACA launches COBIT 5 online

ISACA launched the online version of COBIT 5, a resource center to improve governance and management of enterprise IT. The new online platform helps increase the utility of the COBIT 5 framework, a business framework that helps manage information and technology risk, and the COBIT family of products.

As cybersecurity incidents and large-scale data breaches continue to escalate in number and impact, they reveal critical gaps in IT governance among organizations of all sizes.

A recent ISACA survey of 1,245 professionals from 50 countries who downloaded the COBIT 5 framework shows that, in the face of the business and technology landscape their enterprises have faced over the past 12 months, close to 8 in 10 people (78 percent) say having effective IT governance in place has become more valuable.

“High-profile cyber threats have highlighted the risks and vulnerabilities in enterprises worldwide,” said Robert E Stroud, CGEIT, CRISC, international president of ISACA. “Making COBIT 5 available in an online, customizable format extends the ability of enterprises to protect their information assets and improve business performance.”

More than 70 percent of the survey respondents said that COBIT 5 has helped them address practical business issues. When asked to rank the top four ways COBIT 5 has benefited their organizations, they listed:

  • Better integration of business and IT (73 percent)
  • Improved risk management (60 percent)
  • Improved ability to identify gaps (49 percent)
  • Greater visibility with the board of directors (45 percent).

The new online version of COBIT 5 enables users to personalize the responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) planner and goals cascade tool for their enterprise or clients.

The goals and RACI planner facilitates the use of COBIT by leading users through the selection of enterprise, IT-related and enabler goals based on stakeholder needs. The RACI chart planner supports the selected governance and management practices.

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