NETGEAR ReadyNAS 200 enables data protection

NETGEAR is expanding its family of NAS devices with the performance-driven ReadyNAS 200 Series for home and home office networks.

ReadyNAS 200 transfers files up to an amazing 200 MBps, double the throughput of competing devices in its class.

The device offers you the powerful benefits of public cloud storage for automatic backing up, syncing, and sharing data across devices, but without the ongoing subscription costs or the serious privacy concerns. With ReadyCLOUD, you can access files stored on your ReadyNAS from anywhere, from any web browser, using any web-connected device, so you enjoy the same single, unified web interface whether you’re at home or away.

ReadyCLOUD apps for desktop PCs and iOS and Android mobile devices set a new standard for simplicity. You can select any folder on your NAS as a sync folder to PCs and can even share files with a single click. Best of all, your files are securely stored on your ReadyNAS, not in the cloud as with Dropbox and Google Drive.

ReadyNAS 200 provides home users with the most complete data protection available in its product class. Its foundation is a next-gen BTRFS file system in the ReadyNAS OS offering 5 levels of protection: (1) files written across multiple drives for RAID protection from disk failure; (2) files automatically protected against common media degradation or bitrot; (3) files continuously protected by snapshot technology for point-in-time recovery; (4) files secured in real-time against viruses and malware; and (5) files easily replicated to the cloud or a second ReadyNAS.

Key features:

  • Dual Core Cortex A15 1.4 Ghz processor and 2 GB of onboard RAM
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports with Link Aggregation
  • Up to 200 MBps read/write speeds in a RAID configuration
  • Professional-grade BTRFS file system offering 5 levels of complete data protection
  • Powerful desktop apps for complete file syncing and automatic backup
  • Virtual private Time Machine backup for all the Macs in your home
  • Fully customizable with 100-plus advanced settings and add-on applications
  • Ease of use features such as one-click file sharing via a web link
  • Media serving with DLNA, iTunes and Plex
  • Expandable capacity up to 12 TB for the 2-bay model and 24 TB for the 4-bay
  • Disk spin-down for energy savings.
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