Identity, data governance across all apps, systems, and devices

At RSA Conference 2015, Deep Identity announced their expansion into London, UK, and the release of version 5 of their Identity and Data Governance Suite.

Key features of the new software suite include an improved User Interface, a Self-service Portal for iOS and Android, and certified support for leading SQL platforms and integration with Deployment Manager of the Deep Identity Community Cloud.

Additionally slated for release is BYOD (Mobility) support. This will allow enterprise users to perform password resets, unlock accounts, perform profile administration and access request approval via the Identity Portal (click on the screenshot to enlarge it):

Deep Identity is deploying tools and wizards to speed up implementations. Phase-1 will include extended schemas, creation of custom access request forms, creation of custom workflow processes and creating custom connectors. The Deployment Manager will also feature the Lifecycle Manager to version all items being deployed across various environments. This will be integrated in tandem with code migration and configuration backup to the Deep Identity community cloud.

The Deep Identity Community Cloud (DICC) is a collaboration portal hosted by the product vendor and allows the customers, partners or distributors to collaborate and benefit the customers in solution implementation.

DICC engagement with the customer begins immediately after the broad requirement is in place for IdM/IGA or Data Access Governance. Customers can view cases and businesses requirements while collaborating them together based on their pain points. Customers can also view videos for each of these cases to obtain a clear view of what they will receive. DICC will be the leading platform for UAT document generation and offer extensive tracking of UAT progress.

DICC seeks to provide generation of business requirements, information base including video and screenshots, report samples, workflow samples, compliance templates, UI samples, connector code samples, access request samples, Live Chat, patches, fixes, announcements, customer dashboard, listing of certified connectors, platform for customers to download images of the solution based licensed signed with Deep Identity and integration between the CRM, Support and Google Apps.

“Our company is the only provider to provide such a detailed and user-friendly platform across all applications, systems, databases and devices”,” says Siva Belasamy, CEO of Deep Identity “We’re extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to change the world with our technology”.

This release syncs with the company’s global expansion plans and will include the hiring of additional sales staff, channel partners and distributors by the end of 2015. The London office will be their headquarters for EMEA Operations.

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