Beware of Facebook “Security System Page” scams

Facebook users have lately become targets of phishers who are not satisfied with stealing the users’ login information, but they want their security questions and payment card information as well.

These crooks are trying to make the targets believe their Facebook account has been reported by other users and will be disabled in they don’t “verify” it by entering their login credentials:

Beware of Facebook Security System Page scams

Once they do this, they are asked to “upgrade” their credit card information:

Security System Page scam

The colour and font scheme used for these pages usually reminds of Facebook’s, but a look at the page’s URL should make clear to everyone that this page has nothing to do with the popular social network.

Unfortunately, there are people who panic and forget to look for such things, or simply don’t know what to look for in order to spot a fake, and this is why security outfits often report on these scams – to educate users.

A slew of these fake “security pages” have been taken down recently, but new ones are sure to pop up soon (if they haven’t already). As long as there are people that fall for these schemes, they will continue to crop up.

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