Protect and manage secure company files with Vera’s agentless solution

Vera is taking the next step to a truly agentless experience by giving customers the ability to edit, collaborate, and save changes to secure files without requiring any downloads whatsoever.

This new browser-based editing experience makes it easy for enterprises to collaborate on all Office file types — notes, documents, presentations, and more — while preserving the company’s policy, security, and control, no matter where the file travels or who has access.

manage secure company files

Frictionless solution

“One of the greatest barriers to software adoption is status quo. It’s hard to get people to change,” said Alan Lepofsky, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research.

“For people to start using new tools, the benefits have to outweigh the perceived friction. When it comes to collaboration, applications and processes have to occur seamlessly within the workflow that employees are accustomed to.”

Since its launch in 2015, Vera has always offered the enterprise an agentless security experience. However, to deliver a secure, seamless experience, Vera still required a lightweight agent to facilitate editing documents.

Now, Vera-protected files can be created, shared, accessed, and controlled from any device without the requirement to install an agent, enable fragile plugins, or register new accounts. By eliminating this last hurdle to secure end-to-end collaboration through the last mile, Vera’s agentless editing will rapidly spread the adoption of data-centric security across the enterprise.

“When we started Vera, we looked at why certain solutions in the market fail. The common theme came down to friction, a bad user experience,” said Prakash Linga, CTO and co-founder of Vera.

“With every click you add, there is drop-off and a level of frustration from the user. From enterprise standpoint, the last thing users want to do is install another agent on their device. Today we unveiled the first, most comprehensive rights management solution the world has ever seen. This is where agentless wins.”

manage secure company files

With Vera’s new edit-in-browser capability, enterprises can now:

  • Leverage Vera’s dynamic data protections to directly edit, collaborate and save changes to secure files, without requiring any downloads whatsoever.
  • Achieve simple, scalable collaboration. Vera allows users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a secure environment, while preserving the company’s policy and control from any device.
  • Promise a seamless user experience. By eliminating barriers to entry, Vera’s agentless editing increases the adoption and ease of use to drive work forward, without impacting existing workflows.

To learn more about Vera’s 100% agentless security and rights management technology, contact the company to request a meeting at RSA Conference 2018 taking place April 16-20th in San Francisco.

RSA Conference 2018

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