SecBI to support Orange Polska in augmenting its managed security services

SecBI announced an agreement with Orange Polska in the field of network security. The strategic partnership was signed following a proof-of-concept (PoC) by SecBI running several use cases — ranging from advanced malware detection to Bitcoin mining — that resulted in the identification of numerous threats.

SecBI Orange Polska

“This partnership is aimed at enhancing our current portfolio of cybersecurity services, particularly in SOC-as-a-Service, breach response, triaging, and hunting,” said Tomasz Matuła, Director of ICT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity at Orange Polska. “SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology allows us to offer new services such as threat hunting as a service. In addition, the visibility provided by SecBI’s full scope narrative of each attack, coupled with barely any false positive alerts, greatly increases our teams’ efficiency.”

Gilad Peleg, CEO of SecBI, said, “We are thrilled that Orange quickly understood the value of our technology and decided to embrace it on both a technical and commercial level. We’re confident that our Autonomous Investigation technology will boost Orange’s added value in the managed security market with the efficiencies it brings to the SOC, as well as innovative threat hunting services.”

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology is based on unsupervised machine learning that analyzes network traffic to detect complex and stealthy cybersecurity threats. It instantly unveils an attack’s full scope, accelerating detection and threat hunting, and optimizing response and mitigation.

Security analysts are presented with complete attack narratives including actionable information, giving them visibility of all users, devices and infection points involved in an attack, enabling rapid and accurate remediation.

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