Continuous visibility into application security risk with the CYBRIC Platform

CYBRIC announced the latest release of its continuous application security platform. Organizations can now have a complete view of their application risk profile and can measure and manage risk continuously.

The platform’s ability to integrate with existing security tools, normalize and correlate the disparate results and prioritize vulnerabilities means that security and development teams can now focus on fixing the most critical and exploitable issues first. This optimizes resources, lowers internal rate of remediation and creates confidence in an organization’s security posture.

CYBRIC is to orchestrate and automate code and application security across the software development lifecycle. The CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform integrates security into the development process and delivers security assurance from code commit to application delivery, making DevSecOps a reality without impacting the productivity and speed of development teams.

With this new release, the platform:

  • Provides visibility into vulnerabilities and risk across the entire application stack via role-based dashboards, often flagging previously unknown yet potentially critical issues
  • Correlates issues identified by static code scans, composition analysis and dynamic scans of the applications
  • Prioritizes remediation of vulnerabilities based on exploitability
  • Identifies root cause of exploits to accelerate internal rate of remediation
  • Maintains compliance against OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities as well as a company’s historical vulnerability trends and metrics
  • Enables side-by-side comparisons for security tool rationalization and accelerated evaluations
  • Monitors for and manages tool upgrades to incorporate into the platform and testing

“How Secure Are We?”

Companies need more visibility into security risk, especially at the application level. Development teams are adopting tools that speed development times and release cycles. Regulations require more frequent testing and boards are demanding better insight into security posture.

According to CYBRIC CEO and founder Ernesto DiGiambattista, “Companies need to be laser focused on answering ‘How secure are we?’ With applications, the best way to do this is to embed security into the application pipeline to identify and speed remediation of vulnerabilities. With CYBRIC’s new platform release, customers now have continuous security visibility and proactive remediation, seamlessly integrating security into development processes.”

CYBRIC customers agree. “It’s critical that our IT Resilience Platform is secure from code to the cloud,” said Rob Strechay, SVP, Zerto. “With the CYBRIC platform, we are provided the visibility to know where we stand from a risk, compliance and vulnerability standpoint. We now have one source of the truth—we no longer have to manually collate and correlate identified vulnerabilities from each testing tool. CYBRIC give us full and continuous visibility across our very dynamic development landscape and a higher level of confidence in our security posture.”

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