Radisys unveils 3GPP R15 compliant 5G software suite

Radisys Corporation announced the introduction of 5G Software Suite focusing on Next Generation NodeB (gNB), 5G User Equipment (UE) and 5G Core Network (CN). Radisys 3GPP Release 15 compliant gNB provides support for mmWave and sub6GHz frequencies.

Pre-validated with Intel’s FlexRAN 5G reference architecture which is based on both Intel processors and Intel FPGAs, Radisys’ 5G Software Suite delivers support for Non-Standalone Mode (NSA), providing an easy migration path from LTE/LTE-Advanced deployments to 5G. The software suite is currently part of a Tier 1 Service Provider 5G trial in North America.


  • Service Providers globally are accelerating the move to 5G to accommodate the growing demands of new applications and services requiring ultra-low latency and extremely high speeds. Central to the initial implementation of 5G rollouts is the need for a seamless migration path from LTE/LTE-A and multi-access – mobile and fixed wireless.
  • The Radisys 5G Software Suite enables service providers to grow their 5G services while leveraging existing 4G LTE Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) by supporting Non-Standalone Mode (NSA) using Options 3/3a/3x. It also expands offerings for LTE/LTE-A which are already available with NSA enhancements for existing networks. The release initially focuses on massive Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) deployment scenarios.
  • The 5G Software Suite supports both mmWave (focused primarily on Fixed Wireless Access) and sub6GHz (focused on Mobile Access) frequencies for deployment flexibility; Centralized Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) split and CUPS (Control User Plane Separation) on F1 and E1 interfaces respectively to address rollout cost.

Key features of the Radisys 5G Software Suite include:

  • Pre-validated with the Intel FlexRAN 5G reference architecture which features Intel architecture and Intel FPGAs
  • Support for Centralized Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) supporting 3GPP F1 interface
    Support for Control Plane (CP) and User Plane (UP) using CUPS (Control User Plane Separation) supporting 3GPP E1 interface
  • Also available are solutions for 5G UE as well as 5G CN (Core Network) with components such as Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), Session Management Function (SMF) and User Plane Function (UPF) supporting P4 scripting and Identifier Locator Addressing (ILA).

“The Radisys 5G Software Suite offers our customers a disaggregated solution compliant with emerging 3GPP standards that are built for the demands of 5G mobile edge computing,” said Neeraj Patel, Vice President and General Manager, Software & Services Solutions, Radisys. “We are committed to providing agile, flexible and cost-effective 5G solutions for UE, gNB and CN spanning from the edge (near edge to far edge) as well as the core network with densification (via small cells) to hyper scale (via virtualized RAN with Massive MIMO).”

“We have been working closely with Radisys as we develop the 5G reference design for trials with service providers globally,” said Caroline Chan, VP and GM 5G Infrastructure Division, Data Center Group, Intel. “The network transformation required to implement 5G is underway and our continued collaboration with Radisys is helping to drive the momentum forward.”

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