Quest enhances KACE product line

Quest Software announced several enhancements to its KACE product line. The updates enable and empower organizations as they move to a unified endpoint management (UEM) environment by simplifying their endpoint infrastructure to create a more secure computing environment. The enhancements to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the release of KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) v6.0 introduce new functionality for easy-to-use, comprehensive, multi-platform endpoint and asset management.

The latest update to KACE MDM allows businesses to manage and secure Android and Apple iOS devices, whether they are corporate owned and deployed, or employee-owned devices under a “bring your own device” program. With KACE SDA v6.0, organizations save time and reduce the complexity of OS image deployments with simple, automated provisioning and administration of system images.

Every IT organization faces a dual-challenge of technological growth: first, the proliferation of endpoints, and second, the proliferation of security threats to those endpoints. What’s more, manual, ad-hoc management of these growing endpoints is time consuming and reactive, putting organizations at risk of updating and patching after threats are identified. This can lead to unchecked vulnerabilities, system downtime, and, at worst, network breaches. KACE solutions enable organizations to address these challenges by proactively provisioning, managing, securing and servicing their growing endpoint environments.

“The Quest KACE solutions are designed to make it easy for organizations to address their toughest endpoint management challenges,” said Ken Galvin, Senior Product Manager, Quest KACE. “The newest updates to the KACE solutions portfolio reinforce our commitment to innovation, bringing solutions to market fast, and our commitment to helping organizations find new opportunities as the endpoint system management evolves into unified endpoint management.”

“What I love about UserKon is that you don’t know what you don’t know until you get there and interact with subject matter experts and peers,” said Brandy Norris, Computer Support Technician at Loop LLC. “I now feel that I can use KACE to its full potential.”

“KACE gives us a single management point for multiple devices on our network,” added Norris. “KACE saves us a lot of time as we can accomplish several tasks with one solution. For example, I can deploy images with the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) and push software and patch updates with the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA).”

The new versions of the KACE solutions appeal to a wide variety of IT professionals managing enterprise environments across industries. Included are features that allow users to take a more proactive stance with unified endpoint management, using automation, SaaS-based applications, and comprehensive, multi-platform management to ensure they are ahead of the curve.

Among key features and enhancements:

Security: KACE MDM enhancements allow for the separation of individual user and corporation data for BYOD situations and for corporate devices. IT users can lock, erase or wipe a device, manage password settings, and restrict mobile device features.

Control: KACE MDM adds management for Android and iOS devices and the ability to inventory, track and easily distribute corporate account settings. KACE SDA adds task grouping functionality so users can apply a group of tasks to a single action– streamlining automation. Custom deployments are now supported, so users can apply tasks to a workstation without pushing an image or scripted install.

Ease of Use: KACE SMA provides a single pane of glass to discover and manage devices within a customer’s environment. Through integration with KACE MDM, Android and iOS devices are easily managed by a common set of attributes, policies and commands. The addition of Apple DEP to KACE MDM simplifies initial setup by automating enrollment and supervision of devices. KACE SDA offers a new user interface with customized backgrounds, and a drag and drop file upload option.

Reporting: Within KACE SDA, users can create .pdf formatted reports, in addition to those in .csv and .html formats.


The latest edition of KACE Mobile Device Manager is available now in the U.S, Canada and EMEA regions. It will be available in global regions soon.

The latest edition of KACE Systems Deployment Appliance is available in the U.S. and Canada. It will be rolled out in global markets soon.

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