SentinelOne partners with Lookout to extend endpoint protection to mobile devices

SentinelOne has partnered with Lookout to integrate mobile threat data into the SentinelOne console to protect mobile endpoints from attacks.

Attackers are redirecting ransomware and malware attacks from desktops to target mobile endpoints, and organizations now require autonomous protection that detects and blocks threats from gaining a footprint on employee mobile devices.

Through this integration, Lookout will feed Android and iOS threat information directly into the SentinelOne console, providing a pre-execution, on-execution, and post-execution view of threats.

By displaying mobile threat data in conjunction with desktop, server, and cloud threat data, security teams can now protect all endpoints in the enterprise through a single console.

“Business is increasingly done on mobile devices. Adversaries know this and are adjusting their attacks and malware payloads accordingly. Secure organizations are starting to protect mobile endpoints as diligently as they do servers or desktops,” said Tomer Weingarten, CEO and Co-Founder, SentinelOne.

“The integration with Lookout provides our customers with needed visibility across all attack surfaces – a single view of critical assets and their protection status.”

The integration will add Lookout links for detailed descriptions of mobile threats and allow users to access the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security console to configure changes as needed, all from within the SentinelOne console.

“Over the last 10 years, Lookout has built the world’s largest mobile security dataset, giving us the intelligence needed to stay ahead of threat actors and accurately predict their next attack — whether it’s malware, an exploited vulnerability, a man-in-the-middle attack, or a phishing attempt,” said Jim Dolce, Lookout CEO.

“It’s this understanding of the mobile threat landscape that allows us to provide superior protection across the mobile spectrum of risk. As the number of endpoints enterprises must protect increases, and the complexity of cyber-attacks continue to as well, Lookout’s partnership with SentinelOne provides customers with comprehensive next-generation endpoint protection.”

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