Bay Dynamics and CyberSponse empower organizations to prioritize critical threats

Bay Dynamics announced a new technology partnership with CyberSponse. Under this partnership, Bay Dynamics has integrated its Risk Fabric cyber risk and UEBA platform with the CyberSponse Cyber Security Automation and Incident Response Platform.

This integration of technologies enables today’s resource challenged cybersecurity teams to detect, prioritize and mitigate their incidents and insider threats faster than ever before.

“Organizations today are struggling with a shortage of analysts and an abundance of alerts, which makes this integration vitally important to our mutual customers at the right time,” said Feris Rifai, co-founder and CEO of Bay Dynamics.

“Together with CyberSponse, we can help organizations to leverage strong analytics and orchestration for centralized threat analysis, visualization and mitigation to increase cross-enterprise security collaboration, and greatly speed response.”

Using patented UEBA and cyber risk analytics, Risk Fabric detects emerging threats, prioritizes alerts and communicates critical mitigation recommendations to CyberSponse, which triggers automated actions through orchestration playbooks.

This integration provides enterprises and government agencies with:

  • Detection of malicious insiders, account takeovers, and perimeter breaches,
  • Automated response playbooks leveraging user and entity risk and behavior data,
  • Risk identification, prioritization and remediation.

“The Bay Dynamics and CyberSponse enterprise integration creates a powerful combination of capabilities for automated triage, investigation, and remediation, leading to rapid response for security-based alerts,” said Larry Johnson, CEO of CyberSponse.

“This integration aims to solve the greatest combined problem in security by prioritizing cyber risks based on the impact to the business and force-multiplying personnel resources so they can take appropriate action quickly.”

Experts have highlighted integration between UEBA and SOAR platforms as an opportunity for today’s organizations to create efficient security detection and remediation workflows.

According to Gartner, incident prioritization is listed as one of “five primary domains and use cases that stand-alone UEBA vendors and their users most frequently align… In this use case, the goal is to help an organization prioritize the alerts that are being generated across all the solutions in its technology stack, and offer guidance on which incidents or potential incidents should be prioritized. UEBA tools and techniques are useful to understand what incidents are particularly abnormal or dangerous for a particular organization.”

Gartner recommends to “operationalize UEBA tools by integrating them with a SIEM, security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) or service desk tool that provides ticketing and workflow capabilities, and allows continued monitoring of developer and privileged user behavior with current tools.”

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