Trend Micro and HITRUST launch new company to provide cyber risk management as a service

Trend Micro and HITRUST announced they are partnering to launch Cysiv, a new company which provides cyber risk management as a service to select U.S. enterprises that need to better defend themselves from cyberattacks.

Preventing data breaches and attacks is challenging and frustrating for many enterprises as they struggle with alert fatigue, skills shortage, product complexity and rising costs.

Cysiv helps solve each of these problems and gives executives and board members confidence that they’re upholding their fiduciary duty of care to protect their business and client data.

According to Gartner, “The market is moving en masse toward better security programs with improved threat detection. Customers want solutions that find more threats, find them faster and, hopefully, find them with less security staff and overall spend.”

Cysiv security and threat experts augment in-house security teams by providing a set of managed security services, including monitoring from its cloud-based security operations center (SOC), and management of solutions for hybrid cloud security, user protection, network IPS, advanced threat detection, and deception.

Aligned with how enterprises want to consume IT, Cysiv services are paid for monthly, with no capital expenditures, and are based on the security services consumed, which can scale to support changing business needs.

Cysiv also offers product deployment and digital forensics and incident response services in support of its monitoring and management offerings.

“The AI-powered security operations and analytics platform that’s at the heart of this new service is part of our on-going efforts to enable the SOC with greater visibility, and to add more actionable intelligence and automation to enterprise security,” said Eva Chen, co-founder and chief executive officer of Trend Micro.

“We’re excited by its immediate value to Cysiv customers, and more broadly by its longer-term potential for Trend Micro customers and partners.”

The creation of Cysiv complements Trend Micro’s core cybersecurity business, and is designed to accelerate success for large enterprises who may be struggling to manage risk across their hybrid infrastructure environments.

Trend Micro has developed the AI-powered platform and cybersecurity products that form the foundation of all Cysiv monitoring and management services, and Cysiv customers benefit from Trend Micro’s security research and threat intelligence that are based on 30 years of accumulated knowledge and its global sensor network.

HITRUST will contribute expertise in cyber threat information sharing, and risk and compliance management, ensuring the solutions are effective in addressing evolving information security control requirements.

In addition, HITRUST will help ensure Cysiv offerings and operations meet the HITRUST CSF requirements and are operated in accordance with appropriate US and International privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR.

“Insights from both our risk management and information sharing service, clearly demonstrate that organizations of all sizes are struggling to effectively implement and operate their cyber defenses in today’s escalating threat environment,” said Daniel Nutkis, CEO of HITRUST.

“This new venture leverages the tremendous experience we’ve gained in conducting assessments, in managing a threat sharing platform and ultimately helping customers manage their cyber risks.”

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