Whitepaper: The next generation of connected experience

This whitepaper is no longer available.

The smart home concept started out as a dream, but it turned into a mess. IoT enthusiasts were so excited that they can connect every possible item to the internet, that they forgot to ask if they should.

next generation connected experience

Today we are getting closer to Gartner’s prediction of 20.4B of connected devices, but a truly smart experience seems to be light years away.

With more devices came more issues for home users. Currently, homeowners have multiple connected gadgets without a clear overview of the network. These devices are not secure by design, and they put their owners at risk. People are losing their personal information, money, and time – and insecure devices are to blame. Managing multiple devices is not user-friendly, and that interferes with getting the most out of the connected experience.

This report by CUJO AI discusses what are the customer expectations for their connected homes.


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