Netcracker introduces cloud-based SDN/NFV SaaS

Netcracker Technology launched the Netcracker Business Cloud, which eliminates the barriers service providers face in deploying cloud-based applications and virtual connectivity services.

By offering the end-to-end, cloud-based SDN/NFV and IT solution—from VNFs to orchestration, OSS, BSS, portals and a digital marketplace—as a service, the solution enables reductions in time-to-market while opening business models for service providers.

Netcracker Business Cloud, as part of its end-to-end offering, also includes consulting and go-to-market services, making it a full solution.

Netcracker Business Cloud offers deployment flexibility using Netcracker’s cloud or a multi-cloud environment comprised of a service provider’s private cloud and public clouds, with Netcracker taking responsibility for the end-to-end service.

For large service providers with OpCo and ServCo models, Netcracker Business Cloud offers the flexibility to host the solution in a single location and deliver it as a service to the affiliates, enabling them to offer B2B services.

While it is a full-stack solution, its microservices-based architecture allows operators to use only parts of the solution they need to further augment or replace their own cloud solutions.

Netcracker Business Cloud also has a range of service packages that are ready to go, leveraging a set of pre-integrated VNF and cloud partners from its Ecosystem 2.0 program.

By bundling cloud connectivity services, such as SD-WAN, with value-added network services, enterprise and IoT applications, service providers can create and launch differentiated enterprise and vertical-specific offerings in a matter of weeks.

“The time has come for service providers to adopt new approaches when offering virtual network services and cloud applications, as the traditional CSP approach of ‘do it and build it all yourself’ takes too long and is too expensive,” said Karl Whitelock, Vice President of Communications Service Provider Operations and Monetization at IDC.

“When B2B customers are moving at the speed of the digital economy, time-to-market becomes a critical success factor. Solutions such as Netcracker’s Business Cloud, which can be deployed in a matter of weeks not years, address this challenge, enabling service providers to rapidly seize new business opportunities without significant disruption to the business.”

“The business, sales and marketing organizations within CSPs that are responsible for B2B revenue growth have often been frustrated by the slow pace of network and IT transformation that is holding them back from quickly offering a new and diverse set of connectivity and value-added services to the B2B market,” said Sanjay Mewada, Chief Strategy Officer at Netcracker.

“CSPs now have a choice to start offering virtual services and cloud-based enterprise applications much more quickly, with flexible commercial and operational models.”

Netcracker Business Cloud provides an engagement model that mitigates the business risks of migrating to virtualization and cloud and focuses on business growth.

With revenue-share models, such as pay-as-you-grow, service providers can start small and scale as their business takes off.

Netcracker also offers go-to-market support, consulting on creating the right service mix, as well as sales and marketing support to ensure teams get up and running quickly.

Netcracker’s global reach enables the Netcracker Business Cloud to support localization and is based on a security framework that protects the network and service layers from cyber threats, while keeping customer data secure.

Based on a modular, cloud-native stack and leveraging Netcracker’s portfolio and more than 25 years of industry experience, the solution can be expanded to add new capabilities and services at the pace of a service provider’s business.

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