CertainSafe enhances its Digital Safety Deposit Box

CertainSafe has introduced new features for its Digital Safety Deposit Box. Created to protect files of small and medium enterprises, CertainSafe’s digital vault is the balance of security and convenience at an affordable price point.

The Digital Safety Deposit Box allows business teams and their customers to store and share any type of private data including documents, images, videos, audio files and much more. CertainSafe’s digital vault is based on the same patented core technology, MicroToken Exchange, in use today by corporations, government agencies, data centers, financial services firms, and state healthcare exchanges.

MicroToken Exchange (MTE) cybersecurity software was developed by Eclypses. CertainSafe is a business unit of Eclypses.

Enhancements include an easy to navigate user interface along with new and improved features that offers functionality. The result is a cloud service that allows businesses of all sizes to have the same level of data protection and control for sensitive information that the largest corporations and government agencies enjoy.

Just a few of the features that offer an enhanced user experience include:

  • Granular audit trail for all activities.
  • Search function to scan all cabinets, folders, files and contacts.
  • Filter function to sort and view file name, size, and version as well as who created it and who it is shared with.
  • All previous file versions are retained.
  • View entire structure of multiple folders and sub folders.
  • Secure chat feature to help users collaborate while viewing a folder or file.
  • No encryption keys for the user to manage.
  • No app software to download and install.

As an added benefit, the Digital Safety Deposit Box is a browser-based responsive design. The service is compatible with any platform and device – Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android.

Steve Russo, Executive Vice President of Eclypses said, “The Digital Safety Deposit Boxis the most secure digital vault ever created for small and medium enterprises.” Russo added, “Our team worked hard to give these users 100 percent privacy to protect private digital assets with an innovative and affordable service that’s stood the test of time.”

The Digital Safety Deposit Box is a subscription service.The Digital Safety Deposit Box is certified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 (PCI-DSS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, while CertainSafe’s data centers provide a host of additional data security certifications. In addition, it facilitates compliancy with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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