Pokémon chooses Vera’s data-centric security platform to protect critical IP worldwide

Vera unveiled that The Pokémon has chosen Vera as the company’s enterprise standard for data security and rights management. Responsible for brand management, licensing, and marketing, The Pokémon is harnessing Vera’s data-centric security platform to protect IP and other sensitive content once created and shared amongst employees, partners, and third-party contractors worldwide.

‘’For an international brand like Pokémon, having the tools to enable employees and partners to share information more freely, and securely, is extremely powerful,’’ said John Visneski, Director of Information Security and Data Protection Officer at Pokémon.

‘’When it comes to our data security strategy, we’re less concerned about security enforcement, but rather the ability to provide employees with enough easy buttons when it comes to protecting sensitive data. Our employees are leveraging Vera to do their jobs faster and more effectively, keeping us ahead of the curve.”

Collaboration is essential to Pokémon’s business when sharin media files, game designs, and new character ideas, which require collaboration, editing, and production process. As a result, data is everywhere: shared between partners, across internal teams, making control and visibility into these files nearly impossible.

Harnessing Vera’s data-centric security platform, Pokémon enables its employees and partners to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device and has adopted Vera to support secure collaboration among internal teams and individuals outside the company.

The Pokémon is using Vera to:

  • Build a global information security strategy to protect and monitor sensitive content amongst employees, partners, and third-party designers,
  • Have peace of mind when sharing files across organizational teams and third parties to ensure data security and secure collaboration,
  • Make it as easy as possible for employees to work securely, utilizing the company’s current SharePoint Online, Dropbox, and local file shares to protect content downloaded and shared beyond the corporate perimeter.

Due to the rise in a complex web of state, federal, and international regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the way Pokémon protects its employee and user data has changed. A key driver for Pokémon’s investment was Vera’s ability to provide the 360-degree audit trail and chain of custody necessary to control data, while preserving their privacy, across all applications, devices, and platforms.

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