Zettaset releases XCrypt Archive for Pivotal Cloud Foundry to automate encryption

Zettaset, a leading provider of software-defined encryption solutions, announced that Zettaset XCrypt Archive for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is now available on the Pivotal Services Marketplace.

XCrypt Archive for PCF enables DevOps teams to transparently and automatically encrypt and restore backup artifacts with a software-only solution that provides high-level security and scalability.

Zettaset’s software-only approach to encryption simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for proprietary appliances, making it ideal for cloud applications. With XCrypt Archive, users gain access to Zettaset’s Virtual Enterprise Key Manager and Virtual Hardware Security Module as well as BBR scripts to automate the encryption and decryption processes. XCrypt Archive works with structured or unstructured data and also integrates with Cloud Foundry BOSH Backup and Restore. As a result, PCF users can easily:

  • Secure PCF Backup Artifacts: XCrypt Archive enables DevOps users to transparently and automatically encrypt and restore backup artifacts.
  • Automate Backup Encryption: The solution encrypts and decrypts artifacts as they stream to or from the backup store, either on the jumpbox or Concourse task, ensuring end-to-end security.
  • Scale to Any Size Data Store: As a software-based encryption tool, XCrypt Archive scales up or down effortlessly with backup artifacts.

“Pivotal Cloud Foundry sets the pace for cloud-native application development and deployment, and we are proud to now offer XCrypt Archive for PCF on the Pivotal Network,” said Jim Vogt, president and CEO of Zettaset. “We are committed to delivering users a transparent and fully scalable solution that protects their data integrity without sacrificing their ability to innovate.”

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