Product showcase: Veriato Cerebral user & entity behavior analytics software

When it comes to identifying and stopping insider data security threats, actionable insights into people’s behaviors are invaluable. Employees involved in negative workplace events, contractors with access to critical systems and sensitive data, and departing employees all present elevated risks. Whether it’s a true insider exfiltrating data, or hackers leveraging compromised credentials to become an insider, behavior patterns can indicate both emerging and immediate risks to your security.

Veriato Cerebral user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA) software is a comprehensive threat detection solution that identifies risks and threats using a combination of machine learning, advanced statistical analysis and natural language processing to analyze both structured and unstructured data, and then automatically alerting the necessary stakeholders with videos and screenshots of the malicious-intent behaviors. The result is an integrated view of normal, baseline behavior and anomalous activities, designed to augment traditional data loss prevention security measures and report upon findings to ensure 100% confidence when taking action.

Veriato Cerebral automatically builds and maintains user behavior baselines to discover normal patterns and process day-to-day variations.

Veriato Cerebral compares individual behavior patterns with group behavior patterns to determine commonalities and identify anomalous behaviors.

Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral detects data movement anomalies including print patterns, email usage, and moving of information to shadow cloud-based apps and removable storage. It also watches for unusual log-in activity that indicates stolen credentials.

Alerts are generated when individuals deviate from their baseline behavior patterns, as compared with their historical selves, specific peer group, or a group of peers. Alert sensitivity can be adjusted easily.

Veriato Cerebral

When insiders attack, they most often do so from the endpoint. Veriato Cerebral employs an endpoint agent-based approach for continuous visibility.

Veriato Cerebral helps protect intellectual property, including source code and confidential business plans, by creating a system of record that supports best practices related to threats that exist when employees leave your organization.

Highly privileged user behavior is more closely inspected and monitored, even when in “normal user” mode. Veriato Cerebral evaluates behavior shifts in real time, so security teams can focus resources where they can be most effective.

Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral creates a log of user activity to create early warning signs of attack, for rapid investigation and response. A distributed storage architecture keeps data secure and available without the expense and space needed for centralized storage.

Changes in the way people think, act and communicate often indicate insider activity. Veriato Cerebral analyzes your organization’s communications fabric for shifts in tone, intensity, pronoun usage and language patterns to help identify and prioritize threats.

Veriato Cerebral combines enhanced detection capabilities with deep, context-rich data for rapid, forensic-grade insight into what is occurring. The quantitative analysis is further supported by actual screenshots and playback video of the actions that raised flags in the first place.

In today’s business world, people are your security perimeter. Protect yours by starting with a no-obligation Veriato Cerebral demo.

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