NanoLock partners with Micron providing a flash-to-cloud management solution for security of IoT

NanoLock Security¸ a leading management and security provider for IoT and connected devices¸ announced that it is collaborating with Micron Technology¸ an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions¸ to provide a Flash-to-Cloud management solution for security of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices.

The combined solutions comprised of NanoLock’s Management of Things platform (MoT) and Micron’s Authenta-enabled flash memory will provide organizations the ability to manage¸ securely update and protect IoT devices¸ regardless of their computation power or operating system requirements. Operators and OEMs can leverage standard silicon trust anchors in flash memory to enhance firmware authentication and integrity of IoT devices to achieve additional revenue opportunities.

“Managing and protecting IoT devices are among the biggest challenges and barriers to deploying IoT and realizing business value from those deployments¸” said Amit Gattani¸ senior director of segment marketing for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit. “NanoLock’s technology complements our Authenta-enabled flash memory solution by providing embedded security at the device level and extending that security to the cloud. It also opens the door to creating a new ROI-driven approach for managing and protecting millions of new devices.”

The combined solutions provide a significant value proposition to operators¸ IoT service providers and enterprises by minimizing the complexity and accelerating the time-to-market of IoT devices based on silicon-level cryptographic roots of trust in standard flash memory components.

Extending this trust to the NanoLock MoT and FOTALock management platforms enables much richer device-level protection and makes enterprise grade management much more affordable. The resulting services will enable service providers the ability to now trust a broadened ecosystem of IoT devices much sooner while protecting and managing fleets of devices in a much more unified ecosystem.

The NanoLock and Micron Authenta technology solution will be based on a Flash-to-Cloud trustworthiness model that is quickly gaining in market acceptance due to the simplicity and high integrity derived from single storage silicon – standard flash memory — providing critical health and protection schemes for code and critical data.

Users will be able to easily register¸ provision and provide advanced services like firmware-over-the-air updates (FOTA)¸ all verified in a silicon root of trust. Integrated into NanoLock’s Flash-to-Cloud platform¸ Authenta technology allows device makers to design with standard flash memory and maintain backward compatibility. It enables mutual protection from the production line through the device’s end of life¸ while consuming virtually zero computing and power resources.

“Partnering with Micron emphasizes the universal need for trusted management with ironclad security in IoT devices¸” said Yoni Kahana¸ VP Customers¸ NanoLock. “A secure channel between end devices and the cloud¸ and the ability to seamlessly manage that channel simplifies IoT deployments and simultaneously provides a revenue stream for customers.”

NanoLock and Micron are currently integrating the Authenta security framework with NanoLock’s MoT and FOTALock platforms to enable a fully compatible end-to-end solution. This unified IoT security and management solution will be commercially available in 2019.


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