Cyberbit launches SCADAShield Mobile for passive monitoring of ICS network traffic

Cyberbit announced the official launch of SCADAShield Mobile, a portable unit for monitoring and auditing Industrial Control System (ICS) networks.

Housed in a 27-pound, water resistant suitcase small enough to stow in the cabin of an airplane, SCADAShield Mobile enables on-demand audits and provides asset discovery, threat detection and vulnerability assessment for use cases ranging from on-site compliance audits to understanding the security posture of an ICS network during an emergency.

“The concept for SCADAShield Mobile came from our cyber-first responder customers — CERTS in particular — that needed fast visibility into any ICS network to support a variety of preventive and post-incident scenarios, without having to deploy a full-scale solution,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “They needed portability, flexibility, a rugged form factor, and unfettered access, which is why we decided to package a portable version of our SCADAShield OT monitoring solution.”

SCADAShield Mobile is designed for first responders, service providers, auditors and critical infrastructure network managers to passively monitor ICS network traffic. Using the same Deep Packet Inspection technology that powers Cyberbit’s industry-leading SCADAShield enterprise solution, SCADAShield Mobile works by plugging into the SPAN port of a network switch.

Within hours it creates a comprehensive map of the Operational Technology (OT) network, a detailed asset inventory report and a list of vulnerabilities, potential threats, and misconfigurations.

SCADAShield Mobile supports a wide range of OT protocols including proprietary vendor protocols, to monitor a multitude of ICS network including oil & gas, utilities, power generation and distribution, smart buildings and airports. It immediately reveals critical issues such as misconfigured or unpatched devices, unencrypted communications, vulnerabilities and potential threats within the network.

The system provides the same monitoring and analytical capabilities as Cyberbit’s SCADAShield Enterprise packaged in a much more agile, flexible and portable manner, perfect for spot checks but robust enough to support emergency or potentially complex scenarios.

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