Everbridge launches Crisis Management solution to help organizations manage critical events

Everbridge, the global leader in critical event management and enterprise safety software applications to help keep people safe and businesses running, announced the launch of its Crisis Management solution, a new software application designed to help organizations dynamically manage the lifecycle of a critical event and accelerate response and recovery times.

Crisis Management, which is fully integrated with the Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) suite, centralizes incident response tasks, activities and resources through a common operating picture and accompanying mobile application.

Crisis, business continuity, security and resiliency teams can utilize the solution to create and launch response plans, add tasks on the fly, and collaborate with all stakeholders, no matter their location, to quickly restore operations, mitigate brand and financial impacts, and help ensure employee safety.

In today’s mobile and often frenetic business climate, crisis management teams are frequently dispersed and face many distractions and other challenges in the midst of an incident or business disruption. This can result in delays, missed tasks and assignments, and decreased crisis response times.

Moreover, many critical events have an unpredictable and cascading impact on broader business considerations, such as customer satisfaction, employee morale, brand reputation and the supply chain, that were not previously accounted for in existing response and continuity plans.

Crisis Management addresses these challenges by providing a common operating picture for all stakeholders – from responders in the field to executives in the board room – to operate, and analyze response activities, as well as update and assign new tasks on the fly. This unified view and flexibility helps to mitigate damage and downtime by ensuring normal operations can be restored as quickly as possible.

“Crisis Management extends our CEM capabilities from automating the management of the communications around an incident to the management of the incident itself,” said Jennifer Sand, Vice President, CEM Product Management, Everbridge. “By providing real-time, situational awareness to all stakeholders, as well as the ability to collaborate on response plans from anywhere, at any time, this new application will enable customers to improve their response processes as part of their business resiliency and optimization objectives.”

Features of the Crisis Management application include:

Unified response and communication: Powered by the Everbridge Platform, Crisis Management orchestrates all crisis response activities, teams, resources and communications from a single event page. The application includes operator dashboards, integrated chat, incident log and smart conferencing, and leverages response plans from existing business continuity and enterprise risk management solutions.

Dynamic task management: The Crisis Management Task Manager helps turn static standing operating procedures (SOPs) into actionable tasks that can be assigned to either a function or an individual. Tasks can be added ‘on-the-fly’ in the middle of a crisis for unanticipated situations and scenarios.

Executive view and reporting: Dedicated event dashboards and reporting allows senior management to monitor response and recovery progress in real-time without having to disrupt the crisis team.

Mobile response plans: Crisis Management provides users with a single interface to notify people, mobilize response teams, utilize and execute their existing emergency, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and collaborate with team members no matter where they are located.

In January 2019, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits launched its new state-of-the-art Crisis Management Center in Miramar, Florida which serves as the centralized location responsible for all aspects of incident management for the entire enterprise.

“Everbridge is an important tool in our overarching crisis response program, used throughout our organization to help ensure the safety of our 21,000-plus employees and the operational resiliency of our facilities and supply chain across 250 locations nationwide,” said John Liuzzi, the National Director of Business Continuity at Southern Glazer’s, the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol.

“Crisis Management provides us with a proactive and centralized tool to launch, dynamically track and update all tasks, activities, and communications, enabling us with even greater control to mobilize response teams and execute our business continuity plans in the face of a critical event. Everyone on our response team, as well as executive stakeholders, have access to the event dashboard and can watch progress, and add new tasks, in real time. Everbridge is continuing to help us mature our management of a crisis or business disruption like no other solution.”

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