Wrike releases a new add-on feature and earns the ISO certification

Wrike, the collaborative work management (CWM) platform for high-performance teams, continues to remove the security barriers preventing enterprise companies from adopting a cloud-based CWM platform. The company announced that it is has earned the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification from the British Standards Institution.

This recognition demonstrates Wrike’s relentless commitment to protecting customer data and supporting the most rigorous security standards. Wrike also announced the availability of Wrike Lock and Customized Access Roles, as well as five other new security features, including cloud access security broker (CASB) integration support.

“Collaborative work management is how businesses are responding to a more tech-savvy workforce that expects the flexible benefits of collaborating and managing all kinds of work – not just formal projects,” according to IDC Research Director for Social, Communities, and Collaboration, Wayne Kurtzman.

“Often starting in small teams, enterprise-wide deployments offer significant benefits to company productivity, but often require complex security and governance requirements. Wrike Lock, as well as the company’s other enterprise-grade security features and certifications, make Wrike an attractive and viable option for enterprise customers.”

A security pioneer, Wrike has been focused on bringing enterprise-grade security to the CWM market since the company was founded in 2006. The Wrike security strategy includes a comprehensive approach across five categories: physical, network, system, application, and people. The new Wrike platform security features include:

  • Wrike Lock is an add-on feature that allows customers to own and manage the keys to their encrypted Wrike data, giving them data access control and audit capabilities even though their data is in the cloud.
  • CASB integration support allows customers to use the CASB offering of their choice to enforce enterprise security policies on their Wrike data, enabling them to spot unusual user activity easily and better protect data stored in the cloud.
  • Customized access roles ensure better privacy and content integrity by enabling customers to create roles with unique permission sets that satisfy a variety of access and sharing requirements.
  • Access reports enable customers to quickly and easily see which users have access to folders, projects, and tasks, as well as any tasks with attachments that external guest users have been invited to review.
  • Selective sharing allows customers to make it so that Folders and Projects do not follow the default of inheriting sharing settings from parent Folders or Projects, giving greater access control over specific Subfolders and Subprojects.
  • The new sharing interface makes it easier and more intuitive for users to modify sharing settings, better enabling and encouraging them to take greater control of access to work in Wrike.
  • The new antivirus feature will scan files for viruses before being uploaded to Wrike, which will enhance the security of users’ devices by mitigating the risk of uploading or downloading infected files from Wrike. This feature will be available in 2H 2019.

“Security is a top concern for enterprise companies, and rightly so, but SMBs often fail to examine new apps and tools with the same level of scrutiny – and they do so at their own peril,” said Wrike Founder and CEO Andrew Filev.

“In today’s digital world, the moment you believe you are secure is the moment you open yourself to an attack or breach, regardless of your company’s size. The ISO certification, Wrike Lock, and all of our new and upcoming security features demonstrate our commitment to making Wrike the most secure CWM platform on the market, and we will continue to invest in the security of our services to exceed industry standards.”

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