AWS launches Concurrency Scaling, a new Amazon Redshift feature

Amazon Web Services, an company, announced the general availability of Concurrency Scaling, a new Amazon Redshift feature that automatically adds and removes capacity to handle unpredictable demand from thousands of concurrent users.

Concurrency Scaling comes at no cost to almost all customers, and every customer – even those with the spikiest workloads – will immediately see greater processing capacity at lower costs with more predictable spend. AWS also shared that Amazon Redshift has more than 10,000 customers, making it the most popular cloud data warehouse.

The experience gained from serving a large and diverse customer base, along with the lessons learned from processing over two exabytes of customer data every day, has enabled Amazon Redshift to accelerate feature development and continuously optimize performance, delivering 10x faster average query times to customers over the last two years.

Concurrency Scaling is the latest innovation of more than 200 features and enhancements delivered to customers during the past two years, including Elastic Resize, which adds more nodes to a cluster in minutes, and Short Query Acceleration, which uses machine learning algorithms to speed up interactive queries.

“Amazon Redshift provides ten times the performance of traditional on premises data warehouses at one tenth the cost, and it has the most customers and the largest production deployments of any cloud data warehouse provider,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President, Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning at AWS.

“Customers choose Amazon Redshift for its performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We’ve had thousands of customers for several years, and as the service has grown, we’ve been lucky enough to get continuous feedback on what we can do to improve the service. This feedback has led to the more than 200 features and capabilities added to the service during the past two years, including Elastic Resize, Short Query Acceleration, and now Concurrency Scaling.”

“Concurrency Scaling adds to Amazon Redshift’s scalability and flexibility by transparently adding and removing capacity to handle unpredictable workloads from thousands of concurrent users. The features and enhancements released over the past two years mean that customers are seeing a 10x improvement in query times on average, and with Concurrency Scaling, the service transparently scales to handle unpredictable demand, making it ideal for all customer data warehousing workloads.”

In addition to the performance gains, customers choose Amazon Redshift because it provides the flexibility to extend their data warehouse to analyze exabytes of data across their Amazon S3 data lake without unnecessary data movement or duplication.

Customers can store their data in their Amazon S3 data lake in popular open formats such as Parquet, ORC, and JSON. They can then use Amazon Redshift Spectrum to break down data silos to answer the most complex analytical questions and uncover new business insights across their data warehouses and data lake.

Pfizer, McDonald’s, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Yelp, Intuit, Redfin, NTT DOCOMO, Equinox Fitness, and Edmunds are just a few of the more than ten thousand customers and partners that benefit from Amazon Redshift’s new features and enhancements.

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