Free app from InfiniteIO determines cloud tiering scenarios for inactive data

InfiniteIO, the leader in making hybrid cloud storage simple and fast, announced the availability of Infinite Insight, a free app that gives customers and partners the ability to easily determine cloud tiering scenarios for inactive (or cold) data that can save them up to 80 percent in storage costs.

The app scans on-premises network-attached storage (NAS) file systems to identify hidden cold data to migrate to lower-cost cloud storage solutions. The intuitive tool scans over millions of files and can be customized to match the financial and operational policies of users.

Infinite Insight simulates policies, based on file size and the last time they were accessed or modified, that move the inactive files to lower-cost private or public cloud storage and generates a shareable report on estimated, yearly cost savings.

“Hybrid cloud approaches for managing active and inactive file data today require organizations to make tradeoffs in cost, performance and complexity,” said Kris Meier, vice product management of InfiniteIO.

“The challenge for IT and finance leaders is compounded by finding, accessing and protecting petabytes of capacity or billions of files at annual growth rates of 40 to 50 percent. Infinite Insight offers a first step for organizations to better support data growth and business transformation by integrating metadata management solutions that optimize cost and performance throughout their hybrid cloud environment, without disrupting their workflows.”

Infinite Insight leverages InfiniteIO’s unique approach to real-time analytics and metadata management by intelligently locating and recommending the transfer of inactive data to cloud storage. A customizable dashboard offers a comprehensive and realistic view of the user’s real-world file environments.

Using Infinite Insight together with InfiniteIO’s hybrid cloud tiering solutions, customers and partners can easily implement a cloud strategy that extends the life of existing NAS systems, helps cloud storage perform as fast as all-flash systems and makes data always available for critical workflows, without making changes to existing users, applications or storage.

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