NEC Corporation unveils HCI solution powered by Scale Computing’s H3C software

NEC Corporation of America and NEC Enterprise Solutions (EMEA), announced a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 software. The new platform, NEC HCI, provides a complete virtualized solution in a single appliance, designed for rapid deployment, ease-of-use, seamless scaling, high performance and cost effectiveness.

“As the HCI market continues to expand significantly, we wanted to offer a competitive solution that provides value to our partners and customers,” said Ram Menghani, Senior Vice President, NEC Enterprise Communications Technologies, Inc.

“Due to Scale Computing’s knowledge and current success in the HCI market, NEC is proud to partner with them to provide a competitive HCI solution that complements our existing technology offerings.”

“We’re excited about this partnership and the launch of NEC HCI in North America and EMEA,” said Dan Pierce, Vice President of Strategic Sales, Scale Computing. “NEC Hyperconverged Infrastructure, powered by Scale HC3 software, is the ideal solution for customers requiring ease-of-use and high availability with a low TCO.”

Scalability and availability

NEC HCI is ideal for small-to-medium sized enterprises and remote or branch offices that must support mission critical applications. By using NEC’s D120h high-density server, the platform has the capability of hosting four individual server nodes. This results in a smaller datacenter footprint, meaning greater efficiency and reduced infrastructure costs.

One of the most challenging tasks for IT can be adding capacity to existing infrastructure. With NEC HCI, new appliances can be added into a running cluster seamlessly and within minutes. To scale out resources as needed, different models and capacities can be used together in various combinations.

Appliances are also pre-configured with three levels of configurations to meet specific workloads–base, mid-range and power–but can be customized if pre-packed models don’t meet the needs of a customer.

Simplicity and virtualization

NEC’s HCI is designed to provide operational simplicity through highly intelligent automation and architecture. Since the software is pre-installed, the customer can simply add networking information to deploy rapidly, supporting NEC’s commitment to excellent customer experience.

Additionally, the platform includes the hypervisor with no additional third-party costs or licensing fees, giving customers the ability to lower overall IT management and costs.

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