CloudBees and AWS enabling customers to deploy CloudBees Core in an AWS environment

CloudBees, the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, announced at the AWS Summit in London the availability of the CloudBees AWS Quick Start solution comprised of CloudBees Core and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Spot Instances.

Tighter integrations between CloudBees and AWS will enable customers to deploy CloudBees Core in an AWS environment in a matter of minutes and cut cloud consumption costs up to 90 percent by leveraging Spot Instances.

CloudBees Core is a cloud native, continuous delivery (CD) solution that can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. It provides a shared, centrally managed, self-service experience for development teams.

Leveraging AWS best practices for security and high availability, the CloudBees Core AWS Quick Start solution simplifies deployment to the cloud by reducing hundreds of manual processes to just a few steps.

“Enterprises that find ways to reduce friction in their CD processes gain a huge competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Jason Mero, vice president of business development and technical alliances, CloudBees.

“Using the CloudBees AWS Quick Start solution, they can launch CD pipelines in the cloud more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.”

“We are pleased to add the CloudBees Core AWS Quick Start solution to our program,” said Joshua Burgin, general manager, Compute Services, AWS.

“Continuous delivery workloads are tailor made for containers and for EC2 Spot, our innovative discount pricing option. CloudBees Core meets the needs of enterprises looking to develop mission-critical software by using Kubernetes and Spot to provide a scalable, cost-effective way to deploy these workloads in the cloud.”

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances offer spare compute capacity available in the AWS cloud at steep discounts compared to On-Demand Instances. They enable CloudBees Core customers to optimize costs on the AWS cloud and scale CD throughout up to 10X for the same budget.

The CloudBees Core Quick Start for AWS is the first CD solution to integrate with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances using new AWS features such as multi-instance auto scaling groups, combined with a Kubernetes-specific architectural style. It can be used for trial purposes or for longer-term production use cases.

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