HITRUST supports Texas legislation to create a Privacy Protection Advisory Council

HITRUST, a leading data protection standards development and certification organization, supports legislation that would create a council to study privacy laws and how privacy practices for Texas businesses could be strengthened through potential legislation.

Representative Giovanni Capriglione’s (Southlake) House Bill 4390, passed by the Texas House unanimously on May 7, 2019 and would create the Texas Privacy Protection Advisory Council.

The Council would study and evaluate Texas laws and other privacy laws in order to make recommendations to the Texas Legislature on privacy provisions to consider during the 2021 session. The Council would include representatives from the Texas House, Texas Senate, and industry stakeholders.

HITRUST applauds Rep. Capriglione’s concept of a public-private council to review and make recommendations in this important policy area. Consumer awareness of data protection issues continue to attract scrutiny and Texas businesses must acknowledge and respond to consumer concerns.

Ensuring that policy experts and representatives of the businesses who would need to implement any changes work together will allow Texas to address data protection and privacy in an effective, efficient, and practical manner.

“Texas is known as a leader in data privacy and innovation,” said Anne Kimbol, HITRUST’s Chief Privacy Officer. “We fully support our government partners leveraging the expertise of the private sector to drive privacy and security best practices and further protect Texans with meaningful legislation such as HB 4390.”

HITRUST is the standard in privacy and security certifications and has unique insight into the privacy practices and challenges facing businesses across industries. As an independent party, HITRUST brings value to public policy discussions, such as HB 4390, and similar legislation in other States.

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