FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE monitors networks in real-time at scale to maintain security

Telesoft Technologies, a provider of carrier-grade technologies for high-density cyber environments, including network, government, and enterprise organisations, has announced the latest phase of its compact 1U FlowProbe appliance, which now runs at 4 x 100GbE (up from 2 x 100GbE).

FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE monitors networks in real-time at an ultra-high performance level to diagnose issues, detect anomalies, and maintain security – the first product of its kind on the market today. This is achieved using detailed unsampled traffic data in the form of flow records from large-scale networks.

FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE is ideal for large-scale national network deployments, data centre backbones, and peering links. As the arrival of 5G networks brings faster download speeds and broader security issues, data-hungry technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Blockchain demand higher bandwidth rates, shaping the future adoption of higher capacity data centres. FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE enables organisations in high-density cyber environments to safeguard and future-proof themselves in the face of the big data explosion.

Commenting on this news, Steve Patton, Director and Cyber Security Specialist at Telesoft Technologies, said: “This evolution of our FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE comes at a pivotal time, as sensitive critical national infrastructure (CNI) continues to be compromised across the UK, plus the volume and sophistication of attacks continues to grow exponentially. The sheer size and scale of telecommunication and large enterprise environments pose unique cyber challenges that other security solutions simply can’t cope with. Without a system designed to combat these specific challenges and the levels of data present, organisations are left to make do with legacy solutions, hoping they won’t crack under the strain.

“That’s why some of the world’s largest network operators, data centre warehouses, and government organisations trust our highly scalable network visibility tools for incident response, traffic capture, and real-time threat detection at scale in networks running at multiples of 100Gbps. Mobile networks, for example play a central role in people’s daily life, facilitating communication and economic growth, for this reason they are often the target or relentless cyber-attacks. Now, FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE super-charges mobile network security to an unprecedented level.”

Telesoft FlowProbe 4 x 100GbE identifies Layer 7 protocols and extracts key information into flow records — crucially, without affecting the monitored traffic:

  • HTTP flows are detected on any port, and the host, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), method and status fields extracted and included in the flow record
  • SSL flows have the server name extracted and included in the flow record
  • DNS flows are detected, and the Canonical Name Record or Alias Record (CNAME) and host addresses added to the flow record
  • BGP correlation of IP address to AS is added to the flow record.

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