Infocyte and Solutions Granted deliver threat detection and response capabilities to small orgs

Infocyte, a pioneer in proactive threat detection and instant incident response (IR), announced a partnership with Solutions Granted, a Master managed security service provider (MSSP), providing managed security solutions to the channel.

Solutions Granted, a top 100 MSSP, is partnering with Infocyte to enable Managed Service Providers (MSP) focused on small businesses to deliver comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities generally reserved for the Fortune 1000.

Small to mid-sized organizations are especially vulnerable to breaches due to their inability to support the level of IT staffing traditionally required to run a comprehensive threat detection and incident response team.

With breaches likely to increase in severity each year, companies of all sizes need to prepare themselves. In fact, a majority of breach victims in 2018 were mid-sized or small businesses.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are exposed to the same cybersecurity risks, threats, and requirements as the Fortune 1000 companies, so why shouldn’t they have the same level of endpoint security tools?

“Having Solutions Granted as a Master MSSP enables our market-leading threat detection and incident response platform to be leveraged by MSPs focused on supporting these small and medium businesses so they can ensure their mission-critical data is secure,” added Curtis Hutcheson, CEO of Infocyte.

One of the most challenging aspects of setting a baseline and discovering cyber threats in any IT environment is the reliance on existing security tooling, data and logs. Infocyte HUNT is designed to remain independent, relying on primary threat intel—separate from traditional defensive tools, which are prone to miss certain types of attacks.

Being able to deploy across physical or virtual hosts, on-premise or in the cloud, enables Infocyte HUNT to deliver conclusive results faster and more accurately than traditional endpoint security solutions.

“The speed at which Infocyte can conduct a comprehensive compromise assessment, it’s minimally invasive, “invisible” agentless endpoint detection and the visibility it provides across complex customer environments—specifically around detecting hidden threats and application vulnerabilities—makes Infocyte an ideal solution for MSPs looking to enhance their managed security offerings and differentiate themselves,” said Michael Crean, CEO of Solutions Granted.

Solutions Granted has amassed a partner community of over 300 MSPs and resellers nationwide. With decades of experience as a pure-play security-driven team, Solutions Granted has adopted a unique strategy: offering enterprise-level detection and response capabilities for SMBs.

Partners have come to appreciate everything from technology demos and proof of concepts (POCs) to fully supported security services, strategic collaboration and sustained profitability.

“Small and mid-market companies are demanding granularity in their threat intelligence, and Infocyte fits the bill—going above and beyond what other organizations are offering for SMBs. More importantly, the channel wants to be proactive and take action immediately after threat discovery.

“Through our partnership, we can offer true enterprise-level technologies and capabilities into our SMB-focused channel,” added Ben Chappell, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solutions Granted.

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