Coalition and Curricula bring security awareness training to cyber insurance policyholders

Coalition, the first technology-enabled cyber insurance solution, and Curricula, the market leader in effective security awareness training, announced a partnership to bring Curricula’s security awareness training program to small and midsize businesses.

Coalition policyholders receive Curricula’s security awareness training directly through Coalition’s cyber risk management platform. Every Coalition policyholder receives 15 free users and discounted pricing thereafter. In addition, Coalition is offering lower cyber insurance premiums to every policyholder who has an active security awareness training program in place.

Curricula’s security awareness platform delivers a series of short episodes throughout the year that train employees on how to protect against today’s most common security threats, including phishing, social engineering, and malware. Curricula also enables customers to run phishing tests that train employees to dodge simulated attacks.

“The vast majority of security incidents result from human error and can be entirely avoided with the right training,” said Joshua Motta, Founder & CEO of Coalition. “The problem for most organizations is that launching a security training program is both expensive and complicated. Together with Curricula, we are proud to offer an engaging, turnkey training platform for SMBs that is dead simple to use and free for many.”

“Curricula has a mission to help make cyber security education simple and fun, and partnering with Coalition was the perfect opportunity to continue to expand our mission,” said Nick Santora, CEO of Curricula. “Together, Coalition and Curricula will continue to reduce today’s biggest cyber risk by focusing on employee education and awareness.”

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