ClearSky Data partners with Packet to provide the data layer for an edge computing deployment

ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a service, announced a collaboration with Packet for an edge computing deployment at the SBA Communications tower site in the Boston area. ClearSky will co-locate next to and coordinate with Packet to provide a complementary service.

SBA has an edge data center in Foxborough, Mass. at the base of one of its towers, where Packet is currently providing its carrier-grade bare metal cloud service. ClearSky will now offer edge-based storage, backup and DR as a service, enabling customers to power high-performance edge computing applications and workloads from this site.

“With ClearSky Data and Packet, customers can access a cloud native infrastructure that can be easily connected to self-protecting storage,” said Jacob Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Packet. “It’s an extremely compelling edge story for the enterprise.”

ClearSky Data’s patented edge-based service automatically optimizes a customer’s entire data lifecycle to provide limitless access, simplified management, comprehensive protection and strong security.

The company’s radically different approach to storage uniquely supports highly-distributed edge architectures, with ClearSky’s patented Smart Tiered Caching technology ensuring data is available anywhere it’s needed to eliminate latency.

“Companies need data in multiple locations that they can aggregate, analyze and derive value from in real time, and ClearSky can fulfill this customer demand while utilizing our data center,” said Clay Moran, Director, Strategy at SBA.

Ellen Rubin, CEO of ClearSky Data, said, “The promise of edge computing brings new urgency to the idea of data anywhere, but to fully realize it, data management and storage must be in close proximity to customers.

“ClearSky’s service provides this data layer and, combined with Packet’s bare metal cloud, will accelerate the growth of the edge computing model at scale. SBA is an early innovator at the edge, and we appreciate their support in driving this market forward with ecosystem partners like ClearSky and Packet.”

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