CyberSN releases its KnowMore covert job search platform

CyberSN is the leading talent acquisition firm in the U.S. focused exclusively on cybersecurity professionals. Their KnowMore platform will be making its debut at the Black Hat USA 2019 conference.

A crisis within a crisis

Just how big of a problem is cybersecurity job searching? On top of the severe cybersecurity talent shortage we are facing, current professionals can’t find employment quickly or efficiently.

CyberSN data indicates it takes a CISO, on average, 8 months to find a new position, and 4 months for a cybersecurity engineer. This makes no sense given that there are close to 500,000 open cybersecurity roles in the US and over 3M openings globally.

Yet the facts are that cybersecurity professionals are staying in jobs that have them uninspired, mostly because of the time and frustration involved in finding a new job.

A crisis with no solution until now

With no reprieve in sight, Deidre Diamond founded CyberSN to solve this “national security issue.” Finding and matching each other easily for employment is what Diamond believes is necessary to solve this crisis within a crisis.

She says “we are in our 5th year at CyberSN and I’ve watched this crisis within a crisis continue to grow. I knew that if we did not find a way to fix this, our ability to defend our information, protect our privacy, protect our enterprises and protect our safety, would not improve.”

She went on to say, “I don’t think there’s a shortage of people with cybersecurity expertise that are interested and qualified for the open jobs posted today, they just aren’t able to weed through the noise to find those employers that have the better opportunities.”

A recent survey found that 89% of respondents are either actively looking for jobs or would consider better opportunities.

“KnowMore will solve this dysfunction by eliminating industry-plaguing issues like inaccurate and unappealing job descriptions, vague resumes, recruiters not being able to speak the language of cybersecurity, discriminatory biases – whether conscious or unconscious, fear of reprisal and imposter syndrome.

“Black Hat USA is the perfect place to introduce KnowMore to the cybersecurity world, and we are looking forward to being there.”

KnowMore top features include:

  • Common language job descriptions and profiles – Using CyberSN’s proprietary job and profile technology, KnowMore enables employers to build job descriptions and post their jobs using a common language that is shared by professionals. Recruiters no longer have to struggle to learn the cybersecurity language.
  • Covert profiles – Designed, built, and tested by cybersecurity professionals, a KnowMore Covert Profile ensures total and absolute anonymity. The fear of anyone Knowing one is looking is completely eliminated.
  • Quality matches – KnowMore makes matches based on projects and tasks of the job, as well as the professional’s experience, base salary expectations, desired location, educational background, citizenship requirements and career progression pathways.

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