CoreSite offers SDN inter-site connectivity between seven of its edge markets

CoreSite, a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions in major U.S. metropolitan areas, announced that it is offering SDN inter-site connectivity between seven of its edge markets.

SDN connectivity between markets and campuses through CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange

With the CoreSite Inter-Site Connectivity solution customers can:

  • Secure their distributed IT infrastructure with private SDN connections, versus accessing data over the Internet
  • Simplify hybrid cloud architectures for multi-cloud and multi-site network capabilities,
  • Improve performance and greatly reduce network provisioning times, and
  • Obtain access to more than 775 network, cloud and IT service providers

CoreSite continues to broaden its product portfolio to address the evolving demands of the enterprise. As hybrid and multi-cloud architectures continue to gain prominence, demands for availability, security, performance and redundancy become increasingly important.

CoreSite’s Inter-site Connectivity solution will allow customers to reach additional cloud providers, as well as access multiple cloud regions from a single market.

“We are pleased to offer SDN connectivity between our markets by leveraging the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange through the reach of its capabilities and ease of its online portal,” said Maile Kaiser, CoreSite’s SVP of Sales.

“With the CoreSite Inter-Site Connectivity solution, we make it easier for customers to expand and connect to CoreSite’s rich ecosystem of cloud and network providers as well as other enterprise organizations.”

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