Cloudentity OIDC Authorization Platform enhances data privacy and PII protection

Cloudentity, a leader in cloud Identity and enforcement for Users, Services and Things, announced the release of its next generation OIDC Authorization Platform that provides a significant leap forward in implementing Identity-based API security that helps enterprises avoid headline-making data privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) security breaches.

“By using Cloudentity’s next generation OIDC Authorization Platform, enterprises can have greater confidence their customers’ PII isn’t going to be abused for illicit purposes,” said Cloudentity CEO Jasen Meece.

“We know that Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) worldwide are deeply concerned about data privacy and PII protection, and they do not want to experience a security breach that will make news headlines, erode customer confidence and shareholder value, and lead to record-breaking fines.”

Key technical highlights:

  • High performance: The platform achieves unseen performance abilities that are at least 10x higher than other products available on the market, with incredibly fast validation and minting of tokens (2,000-3,000 TPS per CPU core) to process far more authorizations than have been previously possible.
  • Small footprint and seamless integration within existing IT environment: The small footprint (under 15MB) and robust interoperability allows an enterprise to deploy it anywhere – localhost, VM, docker, Kubernetes or serverless function.
  • Fully featured OAuth server: The platform supports all standard OAuth flows (Implicit flow, Authorization code grant flow, Token introspection endpoint, Client Credentials flow and Resource Owner Password Grant flow).
  • Integrated OAuth client, no code changes required: Externalize authentication and authorization outside of your application by using Cloudentity’s MicroPerimeter API Security.

Today’s modern cloud-native architecture relies on OAuth/OIDC and has become the de facto standard for authenticating and authorization of users, services and things, and as such requires planet scale capability.

Cloudentity’s next generation OIDC Authorization Platform provides the fastest and most economical Microscale to Planet Scale approach for identity-based API security and authorization.

With this release, Cloudentity’s MicroPerimeter API Security extends its distributed authorization to include native Linux support with Sidecar for Linux and AWS Lambda functionality to provide unified authorizations across containers, legacy, APIs and serverless functions.

“With the release of our next generation OIDC server built from the ground up, we are able to rapidly deliver hyper performance for all AuthN/Z transactions of users/services/things with the focus on distributed authorization capabilities that deliver true microservices functionality,” said Cloudentity Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nathanael Coffing.

“This functionality provides the most comprehensive data security and data privacy enforcement and protection available in the cloud identity and API security marketplace today.”

“IDMWORKS is very excited to be working with Cloudentity to bring their next generation approach to cloud transformation, Identity enabling APIs as the nexus between Identity Management and Cyber Security,” said IDMWORKS CEO Paul Bedi.

“This new release with the unparalleled ‘Microscale to Planet Scale’ approach will help our clients achieve far greater efficiency and productivity at a lower cost.”

Technical capabilities

The OIDC Authorization Platform is a completely new toolset that leverages a holistic microservice architecture. Designed for developers to easily integrate into existing projects, it has a robust collection of APIs that can be run in Public, Admin (private) and Hybrid modes.

Using in memory grid technology to distribute, store and persist that data allows Cloudentity to manage tokens with a minimal overhead while enabling planet scale distribution of those tokens.

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