NetBrain unveils version 8.0 of its Just in Time Automation solution for network engineers

NetBrain Technologies, provider of the industry’s leading network automation platform for more than 2,300 enterprises worldwide, announced the general availability of version 8.0 of its award-winning “Just in Time Automation” solution for network engineers.

This milestone release includes many technology enhancements and a collaboration-focused interface designed to enable network automation to be utilized by anyone, at any time, for any workflow.

NetBrain Integrated Edition 8.0 furthers NetBrain’s mission to enhance every IT workflow with better network visibility and automation.

The release contains improvements such as increased automation with more actionable insights and streamlined workflow; more collaboration capabilities, allowing engineers to easily disperse expert-level knowledge across the team; and more network insights using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered network baselining, providing network engineers with better data through more topologies and protocols, improved A/B pathing and improved software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities.

Key NetBrain Integrated Edition 8.0 features include:

  • Dynamic Map 2.0: Dynamic Map 2.0 is the foundation of NetBrain automation, designed to increase productivity of an entire organization. This feature makes a Dynamic Map the core user interface to managing the network, by providing context around network data and actionable insights containing your team’s expert-level knowledge, providing next steps for your operations engineers during network diagnosis.
  • Golden Baseline: Powered by AI, Golden Baseline discovers, records and analyzes up to 12,000 data points per device to snapshot a network’s nominal conditions. This feature defines key characteristics of a “normally performing” network, including device CPU range, interface errors, neighbor relationship and standard secure configurations.
  • Knowledge Cloud: Delivers continuous dynamic platform capabilities for today’s evolving networks. This feature provides cloud-driven centralized storage to house various types of resources, including data view templates, ensuring that all data is preserved and shared across every team that needs it within your organization.

“In just one day, an enterprise network can experience millions of events, thousands of alarms, hundreds of tickets and dozens of changes – completely overwhelming today’s IT teams,” said Lingping Gao, chairman and CEO at NetBrain.

“Our goal is to ease the burden by accelerating the adoption of ‘Just in Time Automation’ to help network teams tackle the 1,000 tasks a day that they would otherwise perform manually. With NetBrain Integrated Edition 8.0, we are doing just that.

“With advanced automation capabilities, entire teams can work together more effectively to handle the increasing demands of today’s networks.”

Additional NetBrain Integrated Edition 8.0 features include:

  • Smart CLI: Troubleshoot collaboratively with recorded, sharable device diagnostics
  • Ansible integration: Scale Ansible across your entire network infrastructure
  • Topology discovery enhancements: More intelligence, more technologies and more actionable insights with VXLAN, overlay/underlay layers, multi-pod Cisco ACI and intelligence-guided A/B path algorithms
  • Application assurance: Monitor and verify critical multi-tier application dependencies
  • Enhanced SDN support: Reduce the friction during your SDN and ACI migration journey with new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod support and contract verified pathing

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